Declaration of consent for treatment of personal data

The EU has introduced new legislation on the treatment of personal data (GDPR) in the EU and in the EEA-area. Therefore, we would like you to sign this declaration of Consent for the treatment of your personal data. Your consent will not change the way Panorama Academy treats your personal data and your personal data will remain confidential. Your personal data consist of your name, picture, address, social security number, telephone number and bank account information.

By signing this agreement, you consent to Panorama Academy handling your personal data. This handling includes storing and forwarding your personal data to business partners, such as casters and producers, in order to improve your career and job opportunities and to ensure payments of agent fees as well as payments of compensations. In the case of your name and picture, the handling also includes publicizing your name and pictures on Panorama Academy’s website and social media.

This consent is given on a voluntary basis and will expire at the time of expiry of the cooperation between you and Panorama Academy.

You have the ability to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Panorama Academy at mail@panoramaacademy.com. Furthermore, you can request rectification or deletion of your personal data as well as insight into this data. This can also be done by contacting mail@panoramaacademy.com

If you have any objections to the manner in which Panorama Academy is handling your personal data, you are obliged to address these to mail@panoramaacademy.com. Any complains concerning our treatment of personal data are to be sent to the Danish of authority on data protection: Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5. sal, 1300 København K.

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