Chubbuck Technique 1 month Class

Panorama Academy is continuing its hosting of the ‘Chubbuck Technique 1 month Class’, based on the bestseller book ‘The Power of the Actor’, and its powerful 12 steps.

You’ll attend class online every Wednesday, or physically (Vestergade) every Tuesday throughout the month. You’ll sign up for an entire month at a time, and then continue as you wish. For more information, prices and signup see below.

In this class, you’ll get first-hand experience and training with our Academy’s ‘Certified Chubbuck Teachers’ Kari Vidø, Micki Stoltt, and Maria Erwolter.

The Chubbuck Technique focuses on identifying your character’s needs and desires and then ultimately helping your character recover their power. This process unfolds while doing deep character work, significant scene development and script analysis, and ultimately improving your skills at self-taping as well.

Throughout the 4 weeks, you will work with a scene partner on two different scenes, with a new scene partner for each scene every two weeks.

The teachers will go through ‘The 12 steps’ which are based on psychological and behavioral concepts and principles. This is a technique that cannot be mastered in a month, but through this class, you will begin to lay the foundation by learning the most important principles and immediately being able to apply them moving forward.

The Chubbuck Technique is so efficient, that you’ll feel a dramatic change and improvement in your acting skills after these 4 weeks. You’ll learn to create your very own unique take on the role, by personifying the text with inputs from your own life. With this class, you will have an acting technique that gives you the ability to understand what it is that drives you in the scene, and why.


Every two weeks you will get a scene and a scene partner. You will meet up with your scene partner 2-4 times to rehearse the scene using the 12 steps. Once a week you’ll come to class and perform the scene together with your scene partner. The teachers will then use the 12 steps to guide you for your next performance.

You’ll have the second week to then rehearse again with the notes and changes in mind, and then you’ll once again perform in class the second working of your scene.

All of this will eventually help you to realize and embody a character so powerfully, that the character becomes you, and you in turn become the character.

Also at Panorama Academy, we are focused on helping our actors in booking jobs as well and we know first hand the importance of mastering the selftape. For this reason, we are having all of our actors record themselves in a selftape after their second week working the scene. These scenes will then be submitted to their teacher and the best of them highlighted by Panorama Academy.

Ivana Chubbuck’s bestseller famous book ‘The Power Of The Actor’ is the foundation of this class, and you’ll therefore buy the book online, and be required to read it before you attend.

We are happy to welcome you to this life-changing experience and empowerment of your acting tools and career.


To get the most out of the class, read ‘The Power Of The Actor’. Which can be purchased online. As a minimum, chapters 1-5 should be read thoroughly before the first class. 

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