Kit Caroline Panorama Academy

Kit Caroline

Kit is a dedicated actress with a big potential.

She is a musicalperformer from The Danish academy of musical theatre and already has a huge range in experience. The past seven years she has been on Bellevue Teatret playing the young girl Kamomilla, in Folk og Røvere i Kardemommeby. Besides that, she has performed in musicals and shown her flair for comedy in revy. She has also been working on screen in the movie “Spies og Glistrup” as the secretary of Simon Spies, TV series, commercials and even as a live TV game host.

When singing her voice masters the clear sound of hymnes, musical, POP, and soft rock.

Height: 160 cm
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Danish, English, Swedish, and German
Accents: American English

Short film:


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