Make your project fly

Are you developing a new film, or tv project?
Do you need help in strategy, adding the last pieces in the puzzle?

Lene Seested of Panorama is a great partner if you are developing a new film or TV project, drawing on her long career as an acknowledge casting director, agent and creative consultant, mentor and personal coach for prominent creative leaders, personalities, comedians, and actors in Scandinavia and international. The broad expertise of Lene spans commercials, film, television, short film, theatre, streaming, one-man shows, revues as well as for speakers and award presenters for larger international events. 

Her expertise is offered as consultancy for both small- and large-scale projects, individuals and productions. Here the right strategy and last pieces in the puzzle can be found and realized.

As a creative consultant, Lene will become your go-to partner within the project development process. Also if the project is you and your acting career.

With her great know-how in mentoring and in creating career strategies for national and international breakthroughs, Lene has lead actors such as Kristofer Hivju, Alex Høegh Andersen, Linnea Berthelsen, Sonja Richter, Mia Jexen, and Mille Dinesen to career breakthroughs and long-lasting success. 

Let us start right away! Contact us and tell us your story.

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Experience the short films of Martin Strange Hansen, an Oscar-winning director, Lene Seested, the executive producer, and  the extraordinary talents of the Class of 2021 students at Panorama. At Panorama, it goes beyond acting; it’s a collaborative journey led by producer Per, writer Anna, cinematographer Solveig, costume designer Chantal, and more.