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Come and play, grow and learn

At Panorama Academy you can grow your skills and train how to be an actor for life. To
make the best of every chance along the way it is important constantly to refine your
craftmanship and personal skills, to be able to interact with people, to know the rules of the business, and to be able to run your own life in a matter that strengthens your possibilities.
We know that with talent and ambition comes obligation and the need to become even
better every day. The call from your talent should be answered with the question: What
can I do to get the part?

Play Your Part

Panorama Academy offers education programs built around ten focus areas designed to
match industry requirements, and we help you as an actor to bridge the gap into the TV
and film industry.

Acting techniques

Acting Techniques

Camera training

Acting On Screen

Casting and Selftaping

Build your package

Build your Package

Stunt movement and meditation

Stunt, Movement and Meditation

Voice and dialects

Voice and Dialects

Business affairs

Business affairs

Create your showreel

Create Your Showreel

Social Media
and Networking


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Artist talk

Real Life Classes

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Panorama is where passion meets production


Experience the short films of Martin Strange Hansen, an Oscar-winning director, Lene Seested, the executive producer, and  the extraordinary talents of the Class of 2021 students at Panorama. At Panorama, it goes beyond acting; it’s a collaborative journey led by producer Per, writer Anna, cinematographer Solveig, costume designer Chantal, and more.