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Ivana Chubbuck Masterclass

Panorama Academy is proud to host it’s yearly two-days intensive Masterclass with the world-renowned premier acting coach Ivana Chubbuck (US).

Next Masterclass will take place on May 29th and 30th, 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Chubbuck Technique 1 month Class

Panorama Academy is continuing its hosting of the ‘Chubbuck Technique 1 month Class’, based on the bestseller book ‘The Power of the Actor’, the 12 steps. 

You get first-hand experience and training with our Academy’s ‘Certified Chubbuck Teachers’ Kari Vidø, Micki Stoltt, and Maria Erwolter. 


Panorama Academy offers creative consultancy for both small- and large-scale project, individuals and productions. As a creative consultant, Lene will become your go-to partner within the project development process.

Panorama Academy's 3 Year Education

Level I

For individuals who are interested in acting and have none or some professional experience.

Level II

For individuals who have taken acting classes before, have had a minimum of one professional acting job and a few years of experience working within the industry.

Focus Areas

Acting techniques

Acting Techniques

Camera training

Acting On Screen

Casting and Selftaping

Build your package

Build your Package

Stunt movement and meditation

Stunt, Movement and Meditation

Voice and dialects

Voice and Dialects

Business affairs

Business affairs

Create your showreel

Create Your Showreel

Social Media
and Networking


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