Panorama Academy Chubbuck Masterclass 2022

Thanks to all who were partaking in our Chubbuck Masterclass 2022 as helpers, participants, observers, friends, and family of Panorama. We almost can’t take our arms down of excitement, a sold-out Masterclass after multiple years of pandemic postponement, is simply amazing. Big thanks to The Danish National School of Performing & Arts for partnering up with us to create the best possible setting for this year’s Chubbuck Masterclass, Q&A, and book signing. Ivana Chubbuck once again proved to us she’s fantastic at empowering actors to do their best work and live their best lives.

At our Chubbuck Masterclass 2022, we also had a great talk with some of the participants and observers. Hear participant and Panorama Agency client Jonathan Harboe talk about failing but managing to be taking his post back, about Ivana Chubbuck’s process, the Chubbuck 12-step technique and how his scene work from day 1 to 2 tunes into pure magic and unbelievable skill development. Thank you for participating in the Chubbuck Masterclass 2022. It’s always a pleasure to host and be a small part of a life-changing experience and work. Ivana Chubbuck repeatedly proves she’s fantastic at empowering actors – not only in their work but in their lives too!

Big thanks to The Danish National School of Performing & Arts for providing the wonderful location for all of you to unfold freely and thank you to photographer Kasper Vejlø Kristensen. Stay tuned on our socials for future workshops, and programs at Panorama Academy – and not least, the next Ivana Chubbuck Masterclass!’



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