Panorama Online Film Festival

From thought to an idea to the birth of a film festival which went beyond all expectations. Even though the world including our industry slowed down, we continued to do what we do the best – which is to create and be creative. This led to a milestone reflected in the Panorama Film Festival which marks a new beginning.It was a dream that inspired the project of producing short films, to come together and collaborate during the lockdown, creating visibility while our film and tv industry had come to a standstill. We didn’t stop, give up, or lose faith, even with all the restrictions, we made it happen.The end result was 59 exciting and inspiring short films.The Panorama Film Festival allowed us to unite as one and create new opportunities which we intend to build on.The short films are created by clients and students based in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Iceland, Budapest, America and Finland under the theme: ‘Sometimes when we think it’s all falling apart, the truth is it’s falling into Place’.Yesterday we celebrated the films with red carpet, screenings, Award Show and sponsors at the Panorama Online film festival, held at Grand Theatre in CopenhagenAgain, THANK YOU to everyone behind the camera, for making this happen.All films are produced with no budget = true passion!We’re in for the long run and we’ve only just begun!Panorama Agency clients friends, family, colleagues, casting directors, producers, and entertainment lawyers, came from all around the world to Copenhagen to celebrate.
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Panorama is where passion meets production


Experience the short films of Martin Strange Hansen, an Oscar-winning director, Lene Seested, the executive producer, and  the extraordinary talents of the Class of 2021 students at Panorama. At Panorama, it goes beyond acting; it’s a collaborative journey led by producer Per, writer Anna, cinematographer Solveig, costume designer Chantal, and more.