Creator Program

1-year creator program

The 1-year creator program at Panorama Academy is an education for directors, screenwriters, and actors with the purpose to create, improve and practice your skills and talent within the fields.

The creator program strives to make a community of film directors, actors, and screenwriters, where you learn the Chubbuck technique together and thereby get a common language.

During the education, you will work with the Chubbuck technique in the development and execution of your ideas. The school year ends with the production of one or more short films of a duration of three minutes.

The creator program will test what your ideas and texts can do as they go from paper to being played by an actor.

The program is for you who are interested in learning and mastering the entire artistic process from idea development, character building, scriptwriting, and staging – to recording a series of three-min. films with reading tests, choice of genre, and cinematic style.

You can either sign up as a team consisting of the three functions or alone.

The teaching consists of:

– Two-person scenes where the actors work on the floor and are introduced to the technique by our certified teachers Babette Feldt, Micki Stoltt, and Kari Vidø (directors and screenwriters observe).

– Instructors and screenwriters works on the floor and experience the technique on their own body.

– The actors are staged by Kari Vidø in multi-person scenes.

– Teaching in character work (Kari Vidø).

– Teaching in arrangement (Kari Vidø).

Short film course starts – from idea to finished three min. film:

– The screenwriters’ texts (presentation, first draft) are tested on the actors under the guidance of Kari Vidø.

– The scripts are written from idea until the final draft.

– The finished scripts of the screenwriters are played by the actors and staged by the directors.

– Script read-through with Kari Vidø, with focus on acting and instruction, as well as preparation of shooting (style, genre, etc.)

– The directors record the films until the finished product, in collaboration with Panorama Production and filmmakers who are booked outside Panorama Academy (photographers, editors, sound, etc.). Everyone on the team helps each other with the footage and the actors should as far as possible be used from the team or Panorama Agency.

– Every director and screenwriter will have at least one finished short film at the end of the year, while they have gained and learned a lot from being in the other films. The actors get material for their showreel.

The teaching is in Danish, and you attend the class once a week, either physical or online. 

Price: 59.750 Dkk

A monthly rate payment can be arranged. 

Payment of the full amount or the 1 monthly rate, will be 1/08.
The payment is none refundable. 

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