Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde. 

Panorama Academy is an acting program that provides studio training and networking possibilities for emerging actors within the TV and Film industry. Panorama Academy is designed as a three-level and usage-based program which allow you to refine your art form and to find your own strength which is paramount for you to reach your highest potential. Further, actors under the Academy program will be the first actors in Denmark to receive training from certified coaches within the Chubbuck-technique who all work professionally in the industry, both nationally and internationally. 


Panorama Academy has long been on the sketch board for CEO, Lene Seested, at Panorama Agency. As a leading casting director for over 10+ years, Lene experienced how many emerging talents booked film and TV roles, and how they were all looking for the next chance to work again, but often having challenges bridging the gab into the industry. 


It was on the basis of her experience of creating breakthroughs for many children and young talents that she successfully launched ‘New Generation’. New Generation soon became the go-to place where international casting directors scouted for new talents to land new young leading roles for their film and TV series. NG generated more applications that we could have ever imagined, and soon, we started to develop more classes, which is how Panorama Academy came about and the dream of being able to mentor these young actors at an academy is now a realization. 


Through the skills and now-how that Lene has learned through her 25+ years of being a pioneer multiple times, experiences of being a leading agent and manager in the industry, Panorama Academy is specifically adjusted to your prior experience and former studio training ranging from level I to level III. Common to all levels and the style of teaching is our company philosophy: 


We guide and work with the wholesome person; it is paramount that individuals pay attention to their inner self – that they are healthy human beings who are aware of their own bodies and minds, and that they pay attention to the artist they are – and more importantly, the professional business they embody. A big part of the academy program is therefore also for actors to receive insights on the business aspect such as contracts, salary levels, taxes, etc.


Panorama Academy offers an environment in which actors can thrive and test themselves – and dream. Dreams do come true.

Here at Panorama Academy, the sky is the limit. We will guide you in planning how to reach your dreams, and assist you in creating an individualized strategy – which will be your personal recipe to follow and adjust on the way ahead for success.


Yet not to forget, Panorama Academy is build on a two-way style of collaboration where passion and professionalism is expected. At Panorama Academy, we except that you will participate routinely, that you generously show courage and emotions in your scene-work – so that you don’t just raise your own bar, but also the bar of your class actors. We expect actors under the Academy program to participate in creating a positive atmosphere in the individual classes where there is room for diversity. We further expect that you show up on time and give it your all and that you embrace and are ready to grasp the chance – should it be right in front of you. 


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