Focus Areas

Acting techniques

'The Chubbuck Technique'

The Chubbuck Technique is an all-level course and will be our main focus during the entire year. Panorama Academy is the first Academy in Europe that provide officially-accredited directors and actors to teach ‘The Chubbuck Technique’. We’ll thereby maintain the high level of quality of training and matching consistence with the high standards of the ‘Ivana Chubbuck Studio’ in Los Angeles.

We have been very close friends with Ivana since the last 90’s, and we are fans of ‘The Power of the Actor’. We’ve hosted Ivana’s Master Classes in Copenhagen and Oslo throughout the last 9 years with big success.

We’ve spread out awareness of her life-changing and effective technique in Scandinavia and neighbouring countries. we can’t help it, because at the Master Classes we firsthand experience the growth of, and the significant results, the attending actors during each master class. While building Ivana’s success during the years, we simultaneously witness how multiple actors, when practicing the technique, achieve awards-winning success, and/or they are able to build character and roles grow from supporting to series regulars. 

Therefore, we continue to support and now focus on ‘The Chubbuck Technique’ within the Academy. By this, we wish to open the door to more awareness, more success and fun walking hand in hand with ‘The Chubbuck Technique’.

A professional working director and professional working actor will teach the technique using ‘The 12 steps’, to explore individually in-depth growth throughout the season. As the course progresses, more advanced exercises and scene work will be introduced and worked with. The course focuses on the basic principles of acting, in depth character work, on screen work, and we add mask work combined with the technique.

Camera training

Camera Training

Camera Training is an all-level course that focuses on the collaboration between you as an actor and the camera and director. This course is designed to give you the opportunity to work with and in front of the camera an to learn all the basic industry ‘know-hows’. Throughout the course, you will get the opportunity to work closely with an award-winning DOP. We set the scene as if you are at a professional film or TV set – ready for ‘action’. 

This class will equip you with specific, utilisable tools that are great to have before you book your first professional job or give the actor who’s been on a set before the opportunity to better themselves in front of the camera. 

A cornerstone of Camera Training is for you to practice self-evaluation and learn how to receive constructive feedback from the course professionals in charge and learn the importance of team-work. We expect you to be ready to embrace challenges with open arms – to feel an to come out of your comfort zone.

Casting and selftaping

Casting and Selftaping

Casting & Selftaping is an all-level course. This course will introduce you to the demands of the industry and will focus mainly on how to prepare yourself for going to castings, how to interpret the character and how to self-tape for auditions. Best of all, it will provide you with the opportunity to have ‘the casting experience’ where working professionals will mimic a real casting experience while also evaluating your performance and give you public feedback, from which all class actors can learn. You will also get to familiarise yourself with things like ‘cold reading’, how you ‘work and cooperate’ with a caster, and have the opportunity to do a selftape in which you’ll get feedback from a professional casting director.

Selftapes has perhaps a longer history within the industry than you might think! Panorama Agency was the pioneers of selftapes more than 20+ years ago where clients would film themselves and record on VHS-tapes. Today, selftapes are done digitally and has globalized our industry so that clients, regardless of nationality, can book jobs all around the world. Selftaping is an art in itself! Casting directors typically request a just, real and raw expression that aren’t too stilted – and yet, it is paramount that the right lighting, sound, cropping and background follow conventional ways of the industry demands. 

A cornerstone of this course is to enlighten you, and prepare you for real casting sessions and selftapes in the industry. We will provide you with the dos and don’ts, and share some of our most challenging experiences. 

Build your package

Build your Package

Build Your Package is a level I and II course. This course focuses on one of the most important aspects of becoming a professional actor, namely: how do you introduce your powerful potential, and essence of YOU, to the key people in the industry?

This course will provide you with professional headshots and a photoshoot taken by a professional photographer. You will further receive guidance on how to write your professional curriculum (CV). Build Your Package will also enable you to collect the material you have produced during the year and you will get familiarised with what a professional showreel looks like. 
Your package’ is an unique communication and networking tool. With this, you are able to show case your talent and highest potential, and your personality. After you’ve build your package, you’ll be ready to start networking on a professional level, and seek those invitations to do selftapes and castings.  
Stunt movement and meditation

Stunt, Movement and Meditation

Stunts, Movement and Meditation is an all-level course that will introduce you to the world of stage stunts, combat, dance and body awareness. A cornerstone of this course is for you to get comfortable with and aware of your body and will provide you with exercises on how to deal with stress, rejections and your self-worth. 

Dance: Your teacher is a long time professional dancer in the industry. You will get the opportunity to get hands-on experience with choreography, as well as the challenges of memorizing choreography. This class will provide you with awareness-raising exercises and techniques which are applicable to both screen and stage.  

 Stunt and Movement: Working professionally on a film or TV set, you’ll suddenly find yourself in a situation where the role has some physical challenging scene, and because of the fast pace, and improvising nature of a film or TV set, you’ll need to put yourself out there and accommodate expectations. Therefore, you’ll find this course most helpful, because here you learn and understand the basic movement techniques, and you get familiar with your body and experiences success with working outside of your comfort zone.

Awareness and Movement: A cornerstone of this course is for you to get comfortable with, and aware of your body. An important thing is for you as an actor to become in sync with your body and strengthened as a whole.

We will provide you with tools, techniques, and exercises on how to instrument your body, to develop the character, and find those unique character specifics, which are often tied to a character’s psychical behavior. 

Meditation: We recommend that you practice a minimum of 7 effective minutes, every day, to find peace and balance during a busy day, and week schedule.

Stop punishing yourself, welcome rejections as learning processes, and view them as important experiences, validate yourself to ‘Stand in your Light’.


Voice and dialects

Voice and Dialects

Voice & Dialects is a level I and II course. This course will introduce you to the world of voice coaching with a particular focus on English dialects. You will be working with a professional voice coach to explore the repertoire of your voice in the Spring after doing various other voice exercises in the Fall in order to “loose the accent”. You will also receive technical training in distinguishing between American English (GP) and British English (RP) and also get the chance to better your understanding by evaluating various accents performed by Danish, public figures. This course involves homework. The course will also provide you with the opportunity to produce your own monologue in a self-chosen variety of English.

Business affairs

Business Affairs

Business Affairs is an all level introduction to the business side of the industry. A cornerstone of this course is for you to receive coaching on our top principle, to understand and to start seeing yourself as your own entrepreneur and enterprise.

This course will introduce you to how to navigate, when you book a role, and which steps you find are in front of you: negotiations, contract managements, union rules, legalities (such as nudity, working over hours, etc). You’ll also be introduced to ‘the role of the agent’, the producer, the casting director, etc. We’ll provide you with insights and guidance om how to navigate with success and determination. 


Create your showreel

Create Your Showreel

Create Your Showreel is an exclusive level II and III course. This course will provide you the opportunity to work intensively with a scene partner using ‘The Chubbuck Technique’, where you practice and fine tune the scene together. This scene work will become part of your showreel at the end of the season. This course will also give you the chance to produce monologues which will also become part of your showreel at the end of the season.