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Jose Grosbøl

Jose has always been an ambitious, enthusiastic and charismatic person with lots of determination and devotion. Growing up in Silkeborg, there weren’t many fun activities for an energetic child like her – so she had to make up the entertainment herself. She started developing her own plays at a young age, which she would perform for friends and family – always on a comedic foundation. Making everyone feel something and leaving an impact always filled her with joy, and she knew that she had to continue to do so. As she grew older, Jose started recording her works as well as making her own short films and  joined the local town theater/musical club, where she spent 4 years. When she enrolled in High School, her focus shifted from theater to film. While studying and taking media science classes, Jose would apply for (and star in) a few short films outside school hours, alongside continuing to write her own short films and web series for YouTube. She quickly got fed up with regular school, as it took away time for creativity and performing, which was her true passion. Still living in the same small town, she was longing for bigger opportunities careerwise. After graduating at 19, she moved to the UK to pursue her acting career. She was admitted to METFilm School in London, where she received training in all aspects within film acting – including script analysis, Meisner practice, Motion Capture, Stage combat and character voices. Upon returning to Denmark, she attended 2 semesters at “Skuespillerakademiet” in Copenhagen, where she has further developed her acting skills within theater, as well as received lessons in singing, dancing and dramatic writing.

Jose has starred in over 30 productions, ranging from short films and sketches to music videos and adverts. She even won the “Best actress” award at Four River Film Festival (international film festival) in September 2022 for her role in the short film “Capo Crimini” by award-winning director Viktor Gelbek.

Height: 170 cm
Body type: Athletic/Slim

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Brown:

Age Range: 13 – 23

Showreel (ENG):

Showreel (DK):

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