Sisse Nielsen Hald Panorama Academy

Sisse Hald Nielsen

Sisse Nielsen Hald is a Danish actress based in Copenhagen. She is currently attending the Ivana Chubbuck
Technique – 2 year education at Panorama Academy in Copenhagen.

Sisse is immensely dedicated and strives to create the most honest, exciting-to-watch and authentic
characters. She shows the natural skills required to take on roles in period- and present-day dramas as well
as darker characters and has experience working both on screen and on stage.

For the past eight years Sisse has been taking acting lessons from private acting teachers and attending
different acting Masterclasses held by Thure Lindhardt, Kenneth Branagh, and Ralph Fiennes among others.

She has been part of various film and TV productions such as Netflix’s TV series ‘The Chestnut Man”, Thomas
Vinterberg’s TV series “Families like ours” and the feature films “The Marco Effect” and “There’s No Place
Like Home”. 

Sisse is fluent in Danish and English and is familiar with German, Swedish and Norwegian.

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