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Lee Strasberg Method Acting Workshop In Copenhagen

In collaboration with The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Panorama Academy is thrilled to offer a week-long Method Acting workshop and masterclass in Copenhagen this spring taught by David Lee Strasberg, the son of the legend Lee Strasberg.
Workshop and masterclass are open to both participating actors and observers.  

Participating actors will be led through daily Method Acting exercises such as relaxation and sensory work, and scene study and character work, gaining first hand exposure to Lee Strasberg’s world renowned acting technique and learning to utilize the Method in any acting work. The program is taught by David Lee Strasberg, the son of the legacy. The Workshop group is limited to 16 participating actors (auditions and selections hereof have been made). They will all choose a scene prior and bring them to the workshop and masterclass to work on.

The actors should not have rehearsed any scenes nor should they be off-book prior the workshop. As they say at The Lee Strasberg Institute: “It is not about the lines, it is about the life.”  You have to do all the preparation first—script analysis, character development, sensory relaxation, etc.—before you can make choices that makes character logical sense.

Once you memorize first, it’s hard to make space for creativity and impulse. You’ll take the quick solution without having worked on or built or trained the instrument.  


Observer spots are perfect for both actors, filmmakers, and film enthusiasts. As an observer, you get to see David Lee Strasberg work directly with actors in the class; you will see how The Method is applied, how the technique is taught and how it teaches the actor to be in the moment. You will get a deeper look into the many layers of a scene and the analysis hereof; the emotional prep, the character prep, the script analysis and the discovery of the character and objectives. You will also get to participate in the guided relaxation and sensory exercises from your seat.

At the end of class there will be a 15 minute Q&A with David Lee Strasberg, where you’ll be able to ask whatever questions you may have directly.

Additionally, we are honored to have renowned Vice President of Talent and Casting at the CW Dana Theodoratos join us via Zoom for an industry Q&A on June 3rd. Dana is known for overseeing casting on iconic shows such as Nikita, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries.

The Schedule:

May 28th to June 1st  Workshop  From 10 -14

June 2rd  to June 3rd  Masterclass  From 10-18

Both workshop and Masterclass will take place at Panorama Academy at
Vestergade 20C, 3rd floor, 1456 Copenhagen.


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